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Welcome to our About Us Page.

Collegeslist.co.in website can be accessed through “https://collegeslist.co.in/“. This is not a government website. This website is only made to provide information related to Lyrics, Poem, Story, Essay, Quotes and Full Form in Hindi.

This website is designed for fast loading and better user interface. You can easily browse all the contents of this website by one click.

The information is free and we are using it to help the poor and needy people. You can use this website for your study purpose.

Hello guys, my name is Sumit Kumar and I am the creator of this website. I love blogging and wants to help others by sharing some knowledge. I hope you guys will like my work.

This is all for now. Once this website gets good user base, I will tell more about my journey.

You can also contact me by visiting this page.

Stay Blessed and Stay Happy!!